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A Time for We to Transcend Me

August 2020 As of yet, I haven’t written anything on the two crises the world is currently dealing with right now – racism and the COVID-19 pandemic; but I awoke the other day with the urge to speak to a principle underlying both of them.  I see the matter as a conflict between individual liberty […]
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Remembering Angie

July 2020 Angeles Arrien (1940-2014) was a beloved colleague whose influence lives on in me to this day. “Angie,” as most of her friends called her, was a Basque-American cultural anthropologist, educator, author, lecturer, and consultant, best known for her book The Four-Fold Way: Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Healer, Teacher and Visionary. In […]
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The Nondual and Dualistic Jitterbug

June 2020 Studying the philosophy of unity conscious, what the ancient Hindus called Adavita* or what many modern sages call “nondual,” I have noticed a shortage of graphical depictions that might be helpful for people who are visual learners. As a result, I  created a graphic in an attempt to describe and distinguish the two […]
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Nondualism as a Re-Framing of Perspective

May 2020 Christopher Davis is a Northern California-based consultant who offers the Wa Explorations teachings on dissolving suffering which he defines as not experiencing the delicious opportunity of life. Suffering often shows up as having experiences that you don’t think you should be having whether that is a political party in power that you disagree […]
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John at New Leaders offices

I Made My Living Looking Foolish

April 2020 Looking back on the most recent part of my career, say, the last thirty or forty years, it occurred to me that I made a living by being willing to say and write things that went against the grain for most people. I see how I was willing to be unreasonable and even […]
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Charley Reese

The “Common Con:” 1984 Wisdom Still Relevant

While one could argue that the gap between Democrats and Republicans in Washington has never been greater than now, they are still very united in what the late Orlando Sentinel columnist Charley Reese (picture courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel) called the “common con.” In his February 3, 1984 column, titled “545 people are responsible for […]
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Misdirection: A Key Tool for Magicians and the Negative Ego

March 2020 Most of us have heard that one of the most valuable resources for a magician is the ability to misdirect the audience’s attention so the illusion will appear even more magical. Here’s what Wikipedia says about misdirection: Misdirection is a form of deception in which the attention of an audience is focused on […]
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The Biggest Crisis in the World

February 2020 M-K   Contrary to the way most people think today, the biggest crisis in the world is not climate change, political divides, deforestation, water pollution or any of the other global threats that make the headlines these days. The biggest crisis in the world today is the lack of really effective leadership – […]
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The Art & Practice of Conscious Leadership: Architecture for a Learning Experience

January 2020  All of the leaders who I consider conscious have some sort of personal practice, sometimes called a “spiritual practice,” which keeps them fit, more conscious and aware when it comes to managing their egos and staying awake most of the time. Naturally they meander from one state of consciousness to another*, as we […]
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Unmasking the Inner Victim

December 2019  I have noticed a widespread social acceptance of a behavior I’ll call the “inner victim.” This largely unconscious phenomenon allows the individual to complain about many things, incessantly, yet not thinking they are acting like a helpless victim. Complaining about something you aren’t doing anything to change is the action of a victim.  […]
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