Welcome to my website which describes the organizational and social transformation work I have been doing since the late 1970s. Prior to that time I was a businessman/entrepreneur.

Here you will find more information about me, some videos and podcasts, the services I have offered, summaries of my books and speaking topics as well as links to articles, past newsletters and guest blogs.

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Watch "A Maverick Futurist's Global Vision: with John Renesch" - a bit over four minutes long.


Create the Future you want

“The quality of the life and work of modern human beings – and the legacy they leave to successive generations – can be incredibly improved by making everyday choices more consciously.”

– John Renesch

“True leadership comes from within, not from external trappings; you see the real leaders when things get tough and courageous actions are called for.”

– John Renesch

“If we are on a path of getting nowhere fast, technology is allowing us to get nowhere faster and faster..”

– John Renesch

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