John no longer travels outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, which means he's effectively no longer offering keynotes.


John Renesch stimulates people to think differently about work, leadership and the future. Through his many articles, books and keynote speeches, he has become a highly-respected businessman-futurist and a renowned global thought-leader. He's addressed audiences in academia, business and futures studies. A powerful, engaging and knowledgeable presenter, John has been called a "business visionary" by The Futurist magazine (for more endorsements, see Client Comments). All of John's keynotes contain one core message:

"The quality of the life and work of industrialized human beings - and the legacy they leave to successive generations - can be incredibly improved by making everyday choices more consciously."

John's talks apply equally well in any industry, sector or enterprise (see Recent Clients below). Since 1990, he has been speaking and writing about the tremendous possibility for marrying business and social transformation to achieve a better future for people, organizations and communities (for more, see About John).


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Each of John's keynote presentations is tailored for the specific audience he is addressing. He never reads a speech nor does he "lecture." His style is engaging, conversational, provocative and frank. He can be as formal or informal as his audiences wish - equally comfortable in a tuxedo giving an after-dinner speech as he is in shorts conversing with delegates at an eco-resort. He enjoys "give and take" exchanges whenever possible. Below are short descriptions of six topics he addresses regularly, followed by brief podcasts on each subject from an interview he did with Global Dialogue Center:

  1. Becoming a Conscious Leader: Leaders today need to be not only skilled in their leadership abilities; they need to be critical thinkers, possessing the conscious awareness to do the right thing at the right time. There is a need for more than mere know-how to inspire excellence, exceptionalism and commitment. download MP3
  2. Building a Conscious Organization: John describes a revolutionary new model for an organization that has a built-in immunity to bureaucracy, assuring greater functionality, attracting people who resonate with higher levels of productivity and who have less tolerance for the bureaucracy, politics and "bs" found throughout most organizations. download MP3
  3. Shaping the Future: We are all shaping the future for better or worse as long as we are alive. John demonstrates how our actions today shape our tomorrows, the future we will hand over to our children and grandchildren. download MP3
  4. Discovering the New Paradigm: The paradigms of work and leadership are changing and most people don't know how to recognize or function effective during these shifts; John explains how paradigms change, how to recognize this phenomenon while it is occurring and how to effectively manage during these turbulent times. download MP3
  5. Critical Thinking for a Complex World: Nothing can cause more headaches than trying to resolve matters with outmoded thinking. John makes the distinctions between 20th and 21st Century thinking contexts, giving examples of both disasters and miracles, depending upon the critical thinking that's applied. download MP3
  6. Understanding Systems and How They Misbehave: Understanding the dynamics of social systems is critical for maximum organizational functionality and effectiveness. John provides examples of outmoded linear approaches versus systems approaches to organizational and social dynamics and explains how systems "act up" with some predictability and how best to resolve systems problems. download MP3


In recent years, John has addressed audiences around the world, including J. P. Morgan, Johnson & Johnson, Stanford University Graduate Business School, European Commission (Belgium), The Futures Foundation (Australia), JFK University, University of California at Berkeley, Commonwealth Club of California, Australian Institute of Management, University of San Francisco, Grace Cathedral, The Presidio Dialogues, The Club of Budapest (Hungary), Economic Roundtable, Fast Company magazine's Company of Friends, World Business Academy, Human Resource Professional Association of Ontario (HRPAO), Griffith University (Australia), Presidio World College, California State Automobile Association, Harvard Business School Alumni / Northern California, Company of Leaders, Institute of Noetic Sciences (Frontiers of Consciousness Lecture Series), International Spirit at Work Awards, University of West Indies Business School (Trinidad), State of Wyoming Small Business Development Center, Claremont's Center for Process Studies, Parceiros Voluntarios (Brazil), Ethos Institute (Brazil), Willis Harman House (Brazil), Brazil Futures Group, U.S. Consulate Corp, California Workforce Association, Summit for the Future 2006 (The Netherlands), "eco6" (Switzerland) and World Future Society along with other academic venues, research institutions, membership associations and corporations.

His speaking engagements have taken him to Amsterdam, Zurich, Brussels, Tokyo, Seoul, London, Australia's Gold Coast, Brisbane, Caracas, Mazatlan, Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo, Toronto, Port-of-Spain, Budapest and many venues throughout the United States.



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