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One More Advantage of Coming from Love

April 2022 We frequently hear how much healthier1 people are when they act from love rather than fear, or how much smarter2 they will be. I had an insight recently that I’d like to share about yet another advantage of acting from love instead of fear. When one lives in a context of love the […]
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The Ubuntu Way: Learning from South Africa, Nearly Thirty Years Later

March 2022 [adapted from one of John’s 2006 newsletter editorials] As longtime readers of this newsletter know, I’m a big fan of the South Africans who were able to end apartheid in 1994 without resorting to either civil war or anarchy which many of us outside the country anticipated. They addressed the challenging transition to […]
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Regret: Self-Directed Resentment

February 2022 This is time of year when people consider New Year’s Resolutions, future aspirations, sometimes related to mistakes or omissions from the past. In a recent holidays gathering of friends, one man shared his own challenges with recurring regret over things he has done or not done expressing a desire to leap over them […]
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The Art & Practice of Conscious Leadership

January 2022  All of the leaders who I consider conscious have some sort of personal practice, sometimes called a “spiritual practice,” which keeps them fit, more conscious and aware when it comes to managing their egos, and staying awake most of the time. Naturally they meander from one state of consciousness to another* as we […]
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Geography of the Mind: First Take

December 2021 Where do we find the human mind? Most people think of the mind as synonymous with the brain and is, therefore, located in the head. Even theoretical physicist and bestselling author Michio Kaku does so in his NewYorkTimes bestseller The Future of the Mind. But my personal experience is that the mind is […]
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Racism: Learned Because It’s Taught

November 2021 In the 1958 movie South Pacific, a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical  set during World War II, U.S. Marines are challenged with racism issues in relating to the local South Pacific natives. One song in particular from the musical seems to have nailed the cause of racism quite directly. The song was “You’ve Got […]
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John Wayne

The Eighth & Ninth Killer Attitudes

October 2021 In September’s editorial I identified seven common attitudes that are killing us – contributing to the decline of our civilization, the divisiveness of our society, and the deterioration of our global environment. I ended by asking for any additional attitudes readers might suggest, recognizing my list of seven was not intended to be […]
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Personal Attitudes That Are Killing Us: A Look at How Popular Social Opinions Are Heading Us Toward Extinction

September 2021 Recently I wrote an editorial asking if what we collectively think of as normal in our society might be killing us. This phenomenon continues to remain with me and I awoke the other day with a more specific slant on the matter. This led me to consider more precisely how we – as […]
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Is Normal Killing Us? Part Two

August 2021 In writing “Is Normal Killing Us?” last month I made the point that as youngsters we found ourselves in a reality that we never asked for and most of us did our best to fit in to what seemed to be expected of us. After publishing it, I was left pondering where our […]
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Is Normal Killing Us? A look at the reality we have but never asked for.

July 2021 Most of us had some difficulty when we were growing up, largely around “fitting in.” It was an awkward time full of pretending we fit in even though deep down we were at worst scared or, at best, unsure of how to be in order to be accepted by society. If we were […]
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