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Altered States and Unity Consciousness

November 2019 I recently read Michael Pollan’s 2018 book How to Change Your Mind* since it was highly recommended by a neighbor of mine. I didn’t realize it was a bestseller since popular books rarely find their way onto my stack of books to be read. I took a break from my pile of nondual […]
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On Friendship

October 2019 “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” – Eleanor Roosevelt I have been very fortunate to have many cherished friendships in my life. People remind me of this constantly, seemingly impressed by the variety and richness of the friendships in […]
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Radical Acceptance: The Ultimate Sense of Self

September 2019 Recently my meditation group* got into a stimulating conversation about sense of self and how simple it was to achieve a state of being at ease with oneself, to end the seeking or having a goal for spiritual nirvana. I say it is simple because there’s no place to go, way to be […]
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Sacred Responsibility: A Key Ingredient for the Conscious Leader

August 2019 In the 1960s and 1970s when the human potential movement was building a head of steam, the idea of being responsible for your reality was a radical idea, one that was resisted by millions as they dipped their toes in the water of self-discovery and self-examination. Then it was fairly common to have […]
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A Mature Approach to Commitment

July 2019 There is a crisis negatively affecting leadership in all sectors. It is the lack of true commitment and I see this crisis as a global epidemic. Much of the positive developments in our history as human beings have been the result of true commitment. However, true commitment is one of the scarcest human […]
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Public orator haranguing a crowd (18th century woodcut)

Can We Really Change Anyone? Some Thoughts for My Activist Friends

June 2019 I was leading a group during a recent retreat and said something that aroused some wonder. I shared that the most frequent question I used to get when doing lots of keynotes around the world was, “I agree with all you are saying, John, but how can I get (fill in the blank) […]
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The End of “Othering”

May 2019 Science is showing us what philosophers and sages have been telling us for centuries – that we are not only connected, as in members of the same human family, but we are one. Oneness is not the same as interconnectivity, which still implies separateness. We are not separate although we live in a […]
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When Did Science Begin?

I keep reading and hearing people talk about science as if it all began with the Western model of rational thought in the 18th and 19th centuries when reductionistic science replaced what was then considered false beliefs or witch doctor hokey pokey. The materialistic values of Europe overran generations of less-materialistic practices making them seem […]
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Would You Hire a Three-Year-Old Life Coach?

April 2019 [this editorial was adapted from a previously posted blog on ] Most of the beliefs we have buried in our psyche were installed many years ago, mostly when we were as young as two to five years old. Early on, we decided we were separate from everyone and everything else. Soon after, […]
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Where is the Kingdom of Heaven?

In early 2019, Franciscan mystic Richard Rohr featured a guest editorial by Episcopal priest Cynthia Bourgeault in his Daily Meditation*newsletter. Bourgeault focused on the familiar phrase known to Christians as “the kingdom of Heaven.” She writes:  So, what is the Kingdom of Heaven? Biblical scholars have debated this question for almost as long as there […]
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