Praise* for Getting to the Better Future Book by John Renesch

Praise* for Getting to the Better Future

2012 World Future Society review

[Getting to the Better Future] is a synthesis of compelling ideas whose time has come.....John Renesch is widely informed and has a particular talent for expressing in a simple way the crux of what can seem complicated ideas. This is a short book, readable in a few hours or less. This is an exciting future for business in the vanguard of human transformation. Read it soon! ---- Long Range Planning, the leading international journal in the field of strategic planning (for the complete review)


Since I read Getting to the Better Future I have learned to explore new points of view, new visions aiming toward a better life. It helped me understand where we human beings are and where can we go. --- Marcelo C. P. Diniz, Director, Conscius, Rio de Janeiro


John Renesch's book makes his personal journey into the future, a journey that has meaning and relevance for all of us. A remarkable achievement. --Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Business, USC, and co-author of Co-Leaders and Organizing Genius


John Renesch courageously weaves his personal journey into the dynamic pattern of global economic change. This dance between inner and outer realities carries us into the future. --Patricia Aburdene, co-author, Megatrends 2000


John Renesch has created a work which I can say, from my own reading of it, will most assuredly serve the world--not just the world of business or non-profits or civic communities but, more important, our own personal inner world. I hope everyone will derive the spiritual benefit that I have experienced as a result of reading this book. --James Autry, author, Love and Profit, The Art of Caring Leadership, and Real Power, Business Lessons from the Tao Te Ching


John Renesch has become the lead participant observer of what is surely the most dramatic worldwide transformation in the history of this planet. He gives readers the essence of what we need to know to get through this transition with grace and service to our world and ourselves. He has distilled his personal experience with the wisdom of the thought leaders of our day into an essential guidebook for this historic journey. --Michael Ray, Professor Emeritus, School of Business, Stanford University; co-author, Creativity in Business


John Renesch has written a brilliant business book, a powerful and passionate page-turner which must immediately be read by every person who works for a living, from interns to CEOs, in every industry and profession. John's insights and profound prescriptions are as pragmatic as they are inspired, as practical as they are visionary. This book has the power to instantly transform the world, if we allow John's words to penetrate our minds, hearts, and souls. --Robert Rabbin, author, Invisible Leadership, The Sacred Hub, co-author, Leadership in a New Era


An excellent book, integrating many approaches to doing business in a more conscious manner.
--Peter Russell, author, The Global Brain Awakens and Waking Up in Time


The future is our choice and making that choice is our responsibility, Renesch asserts convincingly. But we need a new mindset to turn crisis into opportunity and overcome our cynicism and sense of helplessness. To prove it, he provides priceless lists of things each of us can stop doing and things we can start doing to bring about a revolution of the spirit. --Perry Pascarella, author, speaker, and former editor-in-chief of Industry Week magazine


Insightful, provocative, a catalyst for individual and organizational soul-searching . . . John Renesch challenges the mind, heart, and spirit with his new book. --"BJ" Hateley, co-author, A Peacock in the Land of Penguins: A Tale of Diversity and Discovery


John Renesch weaves a compelling case for why business must lead the transformation to higher levels of consciousness and spirituality needed to solve our global problems in the 21st Century. He provides a practical prescription to bring about a new paradigm for the 21st century as well as practical keys to accomplish it. --George Starcher, Secretary General, European Baha'i Business Forum


John Renesch argues with great passion and insight that business people can--and must--become active participants in designing a better future for the whole human race. He argues with heart, soul, and great powers of persuasion that business and social good can (and will) be reconciled in a 21st Century culture led by a responsible citizenry, responsible parents, and responsible consumers. And he demonstrates why business, as the most thoroughly globalized force on earth, can be a transformative force in creating a new consciousness and a new order. Challenging, well-thought out, and revolutionary. -- Sally Helgesen, author, The Female Advantage and The Web of Inclusion


If we leave our spirituality at home, and never take it to the office, we'll change very little in our world. John's book argues powerfully for business to play a leadership role in the transformation of our planet. It is an argument I can't resist. --Neale Donald Walsch, the author of Friendship with God and the Conversations With God trilogy


John Renesch clearly and, I believe, correctly argues that business practices must change if we are to pass on a good quality of life to future generations. His skillful blending of his own life-work experiences with the voices of many others who are raising concerns about the future today makes for easy reading and easy assimilation of a tough message --if we don't change our fundamental notions about what business is all about soon, we may do irreversible damage to the planet's ecosystems. --John Adams, author, Thinking Today as if Tomorrow Mattered, editor, Transforming Leadership and Transforming Work


The world, as John Renesch puts it, is at a crisis point. The choice at this point is real and it touches the lives of all of us. Business, being--as Anita Roddick writes in the Foreword--the most powerful force in the world, will have to make it. This book is an invaluable guide for businesspeople to face up to this unprecedented responsibility. --Ervin Laszlo, editor, World Futures, author, Choice: Evolution or Extinction?


A clarion call to business leaders, which if heeded, could change our world for the better.
--Hazel Henderson, author, Beyond Globalization and Building a Win-Win World


John Renesch's work will have special importance for people interested in transforming business. It's always refreshing to see a scholar nudging business to look beyond the bottom line. --Ed Cornish, President, World Future Society


This book gives NEW HOPE for a promising future at a time when we need it most. Great read! - Debbe Kennedy, founder, Leadership Solutions Companies


There tend to be two sorts of books reviewed in Long Range Planning. By far the majority are embedded firmly in the current business paradigm, and ignore the global problems of sustainability and social justice being created in significant degree by business itself. A much smaller number raise their sights above the matter of simply making profits at any cost to ask what business is really all about, and how it can give us a genuinely sustainable future. Getting to the Better Future is gloriously in this second category. - Book review by Barry Hopewell, Long Range Planning journal, UK (for the complete review)

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