In late 2004 while in Brazil, John was asked to spontaneously share some of his thoughts about his work, himself and his latest book, Getting to the Better Future. The following video clips* have been excerpted from the original videotape which was produced by Amana Key in Sao Paulo and are being used with their permission:

Clip #1: John on John (2 min: 11 sec.)


Clip #2: John on His 2005 Book - Getting to the Better Future (2:36)

Clip #3: About Change (1:50)

Clip #4: About Legitimacy (2:05) Clip #5: On Leadership (2:19)

Clip #5:  On Leadership   (2:19)

Clip #6: For Young People (1:41)


*John expresses special thanks to Stephen Phillips of Stephen Phillips Photography in San Francisco for editing these clips.

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