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Doublethinking Exposed: Another Side of Conscious Leadership

My long time East Coast colleague Gary Sycalik sent me a link to this short video and I loved it. It has a powerful message, simply articulated and is set in a context of school kids in the midst of conflict over who they are.  Although it is part of a movie starring Adrien Brody […]
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Conscious Leadership: Is The Growing Popularity of the Phrase a Sign of Real Transformation?

Last year I added “conscious leadership” to my Google Alerts. Since I have been writing and talking on this subject for twenty-five or thirty years, many of the references on this subject were mine. My motive was to find places where my writings might show up without my direct knowledge. In the past few months […]
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Reflections from 1776: The Least Appreciated Founding Father

It is July 4th – a national holiday here in the U.S. Thoughts of Thomas Paine have floated to the forefront of my consciousness.  Anyone who has read my latest book – The Great Growing Up – knows I have a deep appreciation for this largely unrecognized founder of the United States. Paine’s 1776 bestselling pamphlet – Common Sense – laid the […]
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Book to be published in China as an eBook

John recently signed a deal to have The Great Growing Up published as an eBook in China. The government has to approve (aka censor) it after translation and we anticipate the photo of “tank man” from Tienanmen Square in 1989 – that John included as an example of a stand for a principle – will be cut as well […]
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