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June 2018

I often get asked if I do more writing than what appears here in my monthly newsletter. The answer is most definitely!

Besides writing books and four or five articles a year for third-party publications (like futurist journals, Christian Science Monitor and others), I regularly write blogs for FutureShapers – the company I co-founded with my partner Tom Eddington – and The Great Growing Up (my most recent book) and post them to their websites.

For those who don’t get enough of my ideas here in this newsletter, here are links to other places where you can find additional rants and tirades:

  1. Third party publications (see list on my website, linked here);
  1. FutureShapers blogs (see archives linked here);
  1. The Great Growing Up blogs (see archives linked here);
  1. Books and e-docs (see list on my website, linked here).

While I have been pretty reliable making my monthly commitment to this newsletter, I am more spotty for the two blogs. I would call them “almost monthly.”

For you old-timers, you may recall I also used to post a blog for The Futurist (the publication of the World Future Society), but they have been going through some major transitions in the last couple of years and my blog has been dropped for reasons I can’t explain and I’m unable to find the archives. Essentially, I can’t find any of the archives given the present state of their website, which is a shame since they go back to 1966. 

Others of you may recall I used to post to the Global Dialogue Center and those pieces are still on the website but I am not posting any new material there either. Debbe Kennedy, the founder, has ceased adding new material but is keeping up the website. Here is the link to the archives there.

For those who are still reading this self-referential monologue and want to know what books I’m contemplating, I am planning to co-author both of them – something I have never done before. One is with my FutureShapers partner Tom Eddington, tentatively titled FutureShaping: The Art & Practice of Conscious Leadership; the other book will be co-authored with Richard Miller about non-dualism and the Land of We which will include a fable about “They-land.”

Next month, I’ll resume writing about subjects I feel moved to poke a stick at. I’m still looking for what to write about for our 20th anniversary issue in August.

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John Renesch

John is a seasoned businessman-turned-futurist who has published 14 books and hundreds of articles on social and organizational transformation.

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